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Hector Ferran


Singer, songwriter, guitarist, music producer and multintrumentist. He was born in Havana on January 26, 1987, graduated from the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) .He has developed a successful career in the Cuban and international music scene.In 2007 he was awarded in the prestigious Jojjaz contest based in Havana He has been a member of very important groups in the Cuban music scene, such as Lucia Huelgo, Emilio Vega, Raul Paz, Paulo FG, Laritza Bacallao, Waldo Mendoza, among others. His work as a composer has been plorifera and versatile, coming to possess a catalog of works in the field of concert, symphonic, Jazz and popular songs. He is a member of the Society of Copyright of Spain (SGAE), opting for its popularity songs in Cuba and other countries. As a singer-songwriter and instrumentalist, he has made multiple presentations in Cuba, Venezuela, Panama, the United States and Japan. His development as a national music methodology is also noteworthy. in Cuba, Participating in the creation of the Cuban popular music methodological plan for foreigners. His performance as a music producer has been broad and prominent, participating in productions with Cuban, Spanish, African, Chilean, Argentinean, North Americans and Japanese artists, also sharing in productions with the prestigious producer Danton Supple, producer of Barbra Streisand and ColdPlay, and similar performance with the Italian record Planes Record, also participating as a singer-songwriter and instrumentalist in jazz and popular music festival in Cuba and other countries, sharing the scene with artists like
Eliades Ochoa, Descemer Bueno, Gente de Zona, Beatriz Luengo, among others. He is the founder of “Duo Cielo”, co-director of “Ferran Produccion” and director of his most recent jazz and world music project, “Black Cofee”, composed of prestigious Cuban musicians.