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Junya Fukumoto 福本純也


福本純也(フクモト ジュンヤ)
洗足学園音楽大学作曲科、バークリー音楽大学パフォーマンス科卒業。ジャズ/ラテン音楽/クラシック音楽などの幅広いジャンルの音楽に精通したピアニスト作編曲家。ワールドJAZZバンド「Boylston Jazz」リーダーとして、日本のみならずアジアや東ヨーロッパなどで100公演以上を開催し多方面から注目されている。

Junya Fukumoto is a jazz/latin/blues pianist, composer, arranger and producer. In 2008, he graduated from Berklee College of Music. He has been performing in some different field like Jazz, Brazilian music, Salsa and etc. In particular his arrangements, which are mixture of various music styles in classical songs or world children songs, are very unique. He has been organizing “Boylston Jazz Tour” since 2010. In 2017 the band performed in over 30 concerts which includes some Festivals in Japan, Korea, Lithuania. He is a member of Salsa band “Orquesta Regulus” .